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About EQ Community

What is EQ?

EQ is a community of ambitious extraordinary professionals, empowering each other to thrive.

  • It's your safe place to build;  

    • Connections: Develop real relationships 

    • Careers: Access opportunities

    • Community: Each one teach one 

We’re bridging the gap between extraordinary professionals of color and a world of meaningful opportunities. 

How do you do that?

Community is everything and we live by an old Jamaican saying of "each one teach one", the magic happens you connect and strengthen your network, at EQ we have mixed this with meaningful opportunities from companies committed to cultivating an inclusive environment. 

In summary EQ is the  space to support each other, learn to engage in meaningful dialogue, and access hidden opportunities.  

What’s the benefit to members?

Meeting professionals that care about helping each other progress & accessing to exclusive opportunities, e.g roles (usually under the radar with search firms) - particularly Board & Senior level roles. The combined salaries of all the open roles from our member companies exceed $550+ million, with around $6+ billion in share options (based on current value). Our goal is to ensure that professionals benefit from these opportunities, and along the way, build a community that looks out for each other.

Why the name EQ?

We believe that Equity, Equality and Emotional Intelligence (commonly known as Emotional Quotient, or EQ) are values that every individual and company should champion to create real, sustainable change and foster a more inclusive world of work. A diverse and inclusive workforce results in greater innovation, creativity, profitability, and competitive advantage. If we all champion these values and help each other, everyone wins. 

Accelerating diversity & inclusion across the workplace

We work with growing tech-enabled companies who have expressed a strong interest in cultivating a diverse workforce to support their talent needs, reinforce their D&I employer value proposition, and connect them with our community professionals. Access to the community allows engagement with and the potential to recruit premium talent, whilst promoting the employer brand, learning best practices in building a D&I program, and highlighting its commitment to building a diverse and inclusive company.

Our Founder spent the last 15 years climbing from the front line to Executive & CEO inside a Fortune 500 company focused on online recruitment & digital transformation along with a notable Microsoft Services Executive Board position. He’s witnessed only a surface level evolution of access meaningful and life-changing jobs, especially for people of color. He started as an inside sales rep armed with a powerful thirst for education and appetite to thrive. He was fortunate enough to build relationships and capabilities that propelled his career. With that said, he’s now turning his attention to focusing, providing the required access capable & diverse talent   to thrive.

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